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hi, i'm darlene

Certified Yoga + Fitness Trainer + Personal Coach

Welcome to Dharma Darlene, where I am dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential through the practice of yoga and fitness. My goal is to inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle and become the best version of themselves. With a wide range of class types and events, it's easy for people of all ages and skill levels to explore the benefits of yoga and fitness. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise with others and am committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all. 

Yoga Equipment

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the dharma method

Accept, inspire, and motivate people through mindful movement.

Yoga and fitness are more than just an exercise routine – it's your unique expression in the world. Your journey. 



Darlene’s yoga class is very enjoyable. You are allowed to move at your own
pace, while challenging everyone as much as they want to be. Darlene is a very patient teacher, making sure everyone understands what she is talking about. Breaking it down
until everyone understands. While still challenging more experienced participants.


Thank you, Darlene, for getting the New Year off to a great start towards my fitness journey. It is so nice to have yoga and a fitness class available every week so close to home.  I appreciate how you are able to transform our community hall into a yoga studio one day and gym the next.  Your energy, and passion for fitness and well-being has created an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and motivated to meet their fitness goals.  I love the diverse group that comes together every week and how you make us all feel capable.  We have fun and a few laughs.  I enjoy coming to class and always feel better after.  Thanks again!


Thank you so much Darlene for dedicating your time and endless energy to our small but mighty community. It is amazing to have our own yoga instructor with messages of inspiration from the heart each week. I look forward to a grounding experience each Wednesday evening at the hall.
Darlene, I really enjoy your Friday Fitness classes. Always encouraging and teaching and laughing with us. You make the classes fun and flexible to be as challenging as each person wants. Thanks again for sharing your many talents with our small community!

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