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your journey starts here

My classes are open to all levels and I welcome you to join this beautiful community. I encourage you to pace yourself, listen to your body and have fun. I will always support you on your health goals at any stage you may be in. I aim to help guide you in your personal journey in your own body to help bring it to its most natural and happy state.

what to expect at your first class

  • It's best to arrive 5-10 minutes early to confirm your space and allow yourself time to ground and get ready for class.

  • It's very easy to book online and it allows you to guarantee a spot in class. 

  • Class starts on time, no late entries.

  • Wear appropriate clothing; yoga pants, shorts or leggings.

  • Come hydrated, and remember to drink plenty of water before and after class.

  • Movement classes should not be practiced on a full stomach. It is fine to have a small snack before class.

  • Bring a yoga mat and water.

  • Specialty yoga or fitness equipment will be supplied


Your well-being and safety are my top priorities as your instructor. I deeply value the trust you place in me during our yoga and fitness sessions. Here are some essential guidelines and considerations for our practice together:

  1. Consultation with a Physician: Before diving into any new physical activity, especially yoga, I urge you to consult with your physician or healthcare provider. Their guidance will ensure that you approach yoga in a manner that aligns with your personal health needs.

  2. Listen to Your Body: I encourage you to always tune into your body's signals. Each of us is unique, and it's vital to honour any discomfort or strain. Should you ever feel uneasy during any of my programs, please take a moment to rest or modify as needed. Remember, pushing too hard or ignoring your body's cues can lead to unnecessary strain or injury.

  3. Health Conditions or Injuries: If you have any existing health concerns, injuries, or special conditions, I ask that you share this information with me before we begin our practice. By being informed, I can provide suitable modifications or suggest alternative poses that cater to your needs, ensuring a beneficial and safe experience for you.

Yoga and fitness are both beautiful journeys that offer numerous health benefits, both physically and mentally. My goal is to guide you through this journey with mindfulness, care, and adaptability. Together, let's create a space where everyone feels supported and empowered in their practice.


The combination of movement, postures and breathwork is specifically designed to give a comprehensive workout to the entire body. Students are often "surprised" at how fast their strength is built and the amazing health that is rapidly achieved through regular practice.

Increases strength flexibility

Suitable for Beginners

Rejuvenates & energizes the body

Calms the body and the mind

Assists with digestion and metabolism

Builds strength and tone muscles

Yoga Class
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